Garden sleepers.

We install soft & hardwood garden sleepers in Nottingham & Mansfield

Wooden Sleepers

The use of garden sleepers is a great way of utilising space. They can be used to form a retainer, raised flower beds, vegetable plots, ponds or to tier your garden.

If you have a garden that slopes, creating a tiered garden design will not only make your garden more usable, but could also add value to the property by adding outdoor living space. Sleepers look good and will last for many years.

This is just another way of making your outdoor space look even better. They are hard wearing and because you can use them in so many ways, they can really make an impact on the design of your garden.

Please have a look at our garden sleeper gallery or if you would like anymore information on how to make the most from your soft and hardwood sleepers or need any advice please give us a call or go to our contact us. You may also like to look at our google and facebook pages.